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  • Starlight new rearview 1080P camera
    CL-809 is a Starlight rearview camera made by CARLEADER which is a good supplier and manufacturer in heavy car CCTV items.
    CL-809 is the updated camera from our CL-809 without IR LED lights, it is a wise choice for truck driver.
  • Dual Lens Car Reversing Camera
    CL-820 is an excellent quality dual lens high resolution car camera produced by Carleader which have more than 10-year experience in In-car CCTV items.
    CL-820 well know for its find quality seem Carleader always take item’s quality as first priority. We are a worth trusting manufacture and supplier in Car Monitor/Car Camera.
  • Forklift Camera
    Forklift Camera ( Model : CL-FCAM01 )
    Carleader is a professional Forklift Camera manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in car monitoring for many years. 
    It also worth noting that Carleader have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets.
    We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.
  • Front&rear view camera
    Front&rear view camera ( Model : CL-912 )
     Easy to fit on the front or back of truck.
  • Starlight multi role camera(Rear view/side/front) for 360 system
     The imaginative design comes not only from the innovation of carleader engineers, but also from the valuable opinions of our customers. Carleader adheres to the original spirit of products and the pursuit of stable quality. Each of our products is loved by many customers
  • Multi role camera(Rear view/side/front)
    Pursuing perfect appearance design and ensuring stable and reliable quality are the driving force for the continuous progress of carleader company, creating value for our customers and providing better services.
  •  Multi role camera(Rear view/side/front)
     The ball part can be adjusted horizontal and vertical by 90 °. It can be installed in different vehicle positions such as rear view, side and front. It has the advantages of simple installation, high-definition image display, aluminum alloy shell , rust prevention and waterproof
  • Convex sphere backup camera
     Convex sphere protects the lens, which can show the video effect at the maximum angle, exquisite design and stable and reliable quality.
  • Reversing camera/backup camera/side camera
     As a high-end reversing rear view camera, it has starlight function, which is suitable for installation in different vehicles. It has good stability, high-definition image and high waterproof level