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The advantage of 2.4 Analog Wireless truck/bus Monitors:
Publish:CARLEADER  Time:2023-04-04
The advantage of 2.4 Analog Wireless truck/bus Monitors:

2.4G is a wireless technology. Since its frequency band is between 2.400GHz and 2.4835GHz, it is called 2.4G wireless technology for short. It is one of the three main wireless technologies (including Bluetooth, 27M, 2.4G) on the market. It can be used for industrial data transmission, wireless remote control, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless electronic tags, remote control toys, 2.4g wireless loudspeaker, wireless microphone, wireless speaker, etc.More commonly used in wireless keyboard and mouse. At the same time, it is also applied in 4.3inch/5inch/7inch truck bus Monitors which is more easily set up.

The advantage of 2.4 Analog Wireless truck/bus Monitors:
low voltage, high efficiency

Low cost, two-way high-speed data transmission

Very small size (no external antenna required)

With fast frequency hopping, forward error correction, verification and other functions

Work in the global open ISM frequency band, license-free use.

Easily to set up without complicated wire.

Carleader has different size 2.4G Analog wireless truck/bus monitors, such as 4.3inch, 5inch and 7inch cars monitors.
According to the current vehicle market response, we will focus on introducing our CL-S760TM-AW.

The parameter of CL-S760TM-AW:

7 inch 2.4G Analog wireless monitor and camera system

Built-in 2.4G wireless receiver in monitor

Built-in 2.4G wireless transmitter in camera

Two video inputs.

AV2 Wireless signal input

Wireless distance is about 70-100M.

New Innolux digital panel

Resolution: 800XRGBX 480

All buttons with background lights.

PAL/NTSC automatic switch

Power supply: DC12V-36V

Operating temperature: -20- 70 

Camera chip: 1/3inch color CCD

CCD camera waterproof IP68