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Name:Waterproof 4CH SD Mobile DVR
* [4CH Video Inputs] With 4CH AHD Video Inputs with 1CH IPC Input
* [Dual SD Storage] Support double SD card storage, the maximum support single card 512G
* [Wireless Module] Support GNSS(GPS/BD/GLONASS), 4G Network module
* [Waterproof] IP67 Waterproof, great on outdoor working heavy duty vehicle
Description Parameters
Waterproof 4CH SD Mobile DVR

Product Description:

* Intelligent single chip design, support ADAS, DSM, BSD
* H.265 encoding, high compression ratio, clear image, save memory space
* Support 4ch AHDs,1ch IPC
* AHD/TVI/CVI/IPC/ analog five video inputs
* Supports 4-way 25 frame real-time encoding
* Support CAN
* Built-in G-Sensor to monitor vehicle driving behavior in real time
* Support the auxiliary astern image ranging
* Support image level, mirror adjustment
* Unique GPS drift suppression algorithm
* Input pulse automatic calibration algorithm
* Support Yunweibao debugging and maintenance
 Power supply:
* Professional car power supply 9-36V DC wide voltage input design
* Undervoltage, short circuit, reverse connection and other protection circuit, suitable for all kinds of models
* Support intelligent power management identification, low power automatic shutdown, flame out low power consumption
 Data storage:
* Built-in ultracapacitor to avoid data loss and disk damage due to abnormal power outages
* Adopt special file management mechanism, encrypt data, effectively protect data security
* Support double SD card storage, the maximum support single card 512G
 Wireless module:
* Built-in GPS/BD/GLONASS module, high sensitivity, fast positioning
* Built-in 4G module, support LTE/HSPA/WCDMA
 Active security early warning system:
* Built-in ADAS Advanced Driver assistance system (collision, vehicle proximity, lane departure, etc.)
* Built-in DSM driver status analysis system (fatigue, distraction, smoking, talking on the phone, driver anomaly, occlusion, driver contrast, etc.)
* Built-in BSD (optional) blind area monitoring system (Level 3 alarm)
* Support remote calibration function of operation and maintenance platform
 Driving behavior detection
* Support harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, harsh turn
* Support rollover, collision alarm

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